Sketchbooks from the Road


•For the past several years, I have developed traveling projects which forces me out of the studio and on the road.

•The sketchbooks are a meditation of thoughts and observations while being alone and away from the comforts of home.

Sketchbook Process


•My process: Today, everything is designed to be updated. I address this contemporary philosophy in my drawing approach/techniques. 

•First, I scan (high resolution) the original sketch – then, some digital manipulation – next, ink jet print on high quality print paper – draw back into print – large format scan – finally, some more digital manipulation and proceed adding, building and expanding the visual surface. 

Everything can be modified


•Each drawing is unique. It's like an ongoing conversation. There are pauses (sometimes years) but the conversation resumes. 

•Final drawings have a wide variety of sizes and processes ranging from image transfers on panel, paper, metal, fibric, vinyl and canvas and well as printing options.

•All drawing materials are archival.

•I keep the original sketch.